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  • We are AtomicDMA.  We provide custom firmware for PCI Leech compatible DMA cards, as well as software that utilizes DMA.

    What Is DMA?

    DMA stands for Direct Memory Access.  It allows you access the memory of another computer by utilizing a PCI device in the target machine (see list of supported devices).  This PCIe device has a USB port which you can then connect to another machine, and through your own development, or custom software you can read and write the memory on the target computer.  This is useful for Computer Diagnostics and Forensics, reading and writting memory on the target system, or accessing the filesystem, all without the target PC knowing it is happening.

    What are the risks of installing a DMA card?

    If you read above you may think your computer becomes unsafe, or that someone can utilize DMA to hack your computer.  First, you can only utilize DMA on a computer which has a DMA PCI device installed, this means you need physical access to the machine.  And secondly, DMA only reads the memory your physically attached computer tells it to.  This means having a DMA device installed on your machine is practically as safe as one without. You may be wondering if detection software like an antivirus or anti gaming cheat program can detect that your computer has a DMA card installed.  That's where we come in,  If you were to install a firmware you find on the internet, or use the cards built in firmware, then yes. those signatures have already been detected and your computer would be detected as having DMA.  If however, you install our custom firmware, your DMA card will look like a generic PCI device (a sound card or ethernet card for example) to any scanning software thus allowing you to remain undetected. 

    Do I need to have custom firmware?

    Our custom firmware contains the latest pcileech updates. if your card is using an old version, it's not simple to build your own updated firmware. If you play online video games, even if you are not actively utilizing the DMA card, the anti cheat detection in the game will flag and potentially ban you.  So your options to stay safe are to either unplug your device (from the pci slot) before any gaming sessions, or to use custom firmware.

    Is a 75T faster than a 35T?

    Yes, the chip itself is faster, but there is negligible performance difference because the USB connection is the limiting factor.
    If the card is equipped with Thunderbolt or another connection type, it will technically be faster, but you still may see no difference in well-optimized software.

    Does AtomicDMA have resellers?

    We currently have two software resellers located in China. Before ever talking with a reseller, please join our Discord channel or open a ticket on the website to confirm the legitimacy of the reseller. Software licenses cannot be resold after purchase.

  • Supported Devices:

    • LamdaConcept Screamer/Squirrel
    • Enigma X-1
    • AceDMA
    • LeetDMA
    • DMANinja
    • CaptainDMA
    • RaptorDMA
    • HackDMA
    • Lurker
    • Many more not listed. Inquire for questions.

    We are not affiliated with any DMA card brands, and do not sell any cards.

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