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What are the system requirements for your products?

  • 2 PC's,
  • PCI Leech Compatible DMA card. ex: Screamer M2

Do your products install anything on my main PC?

  • No

Are your products undetected, will I get banned ?

  • Our products are undetected, DMA is almost impossible to detect, however you should:
    • Use an undetected custom firmware for your card. (Contact us if you are need of a firmware)
    • Use caution if using online as other users could report you

Do you sell DMA cards?

  • Not at the moment, if you're looking for one to buy we recommend a Screamer , And purchase a firmware from us.

What Payment types do you accept?

  • Cryptocurrencies via Coinbase 

How do I contact you?

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  • 4 months later...

Please let me know if I should open another ticket now that I’ve updated my personal info. I realized a little late in the day yesterday that I opened a ticket and didn’t have the info populated. 

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Posted (edited)
On 5/26/2022 at 1:19 PM, codytee said:

@vastum i think it may be a prank or scam cause i been asking for like two weeks with no reply and some really sus lookng stuff comes up when you google them


1 hour ago, maybenot9 said:

Been waiting for a response as well (opened a ticket). Hopefully this gets seen.

I got a response in the ticket, hope you get one soon!

Edited by vastum
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